Bob and Elouise Alexanders' article in the November 2001 edition of Gas Engine Magazine.

Ottawa, Kansas -

7th Annual Power of the Past Antique Engine & Tractor Show.

For those interested in gas engines, a respectable selection was on hand, although Gottschamer says he thinks the rain kept some exhibitors away. Even so, there were some great exhibits, such as the one put on by Elouise and Bob Alexander, Lompoc, Calif. The biggest draw of the Alexanders' exhibit was a New England Butt Braiding Machine, circa 1899, powered by a 1-3/4 HP Gilson, 60-Speed, hit and miss. Elouise tended the braiding machine while Bob tended the variety of engines they brought, including a 3 HP Samson running a pump and a 1-1/2 HP Fuller & Johnson Model NB belted to an antique corn sheller. This really was a great exhibit, themed toward the tremendous utility and purpose gas engines provided farmers early on the 20th century.